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Hello!  I appreciate your visit to my little blog.  My name is Tisha Susan Leung, and welcome to TISLstyle (pronounced tee-zuhl).  I spent 15 years as a magazine editor in New York City, most happily as the decorating and fashion editor for Country Living magazine.  

I was born and raised in Manhattan’s Chinatown and the Upper East Side, and you might wonder how country meshed with my New Yawker at’tude.  Very easily!  The opposing worlds shaped everything about me, and all that I love and appreciate.  Through my blog, I offer an experience much like how one rummages through a flea market sifting through the noise to discover that one treasure.  For lifestyle, I’ll always seek out the modern edge mixed with a time-worn patina and quiet dramatics.  

It’s urban living with soul.

I continue to live in this quaint town.  Oh, and what is TISL? It's what my signature looks like in script.  It's a testament to my poor penmanship but I got a blog name out of it!

Take a gander at my blog!

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