June 11, 2015

thredUP Gets the Thumbs Up

If you have good clothes that you want to sell, let me tell you about my experience with thredUP. It’s like eBay but done with VIP services. In a nutshell, you send in a bag of your used clothes, the approved items get photographed, uploaded on their site, and if it sells, you get money. Much like eBay only without the entire eBay hassle. Read on if this sounds interesting. Here’s what I did:

Register for an account and order a free Clean Out Bag. It’s the size of a laundry bag but it’s plastic for sturdiness and mailable via Fedex or USPS. 


My Clean Out Bag sent to me with all necessary mailing labels affixed.

They accept children’s and women’s clothes, and they’re gaga for anything and everything designer. 


Fill 'er up!

An email is sent to you when they’ve received your bag, with notification that they will begin processing it. Each clothing item is inspected for tears, stains and pilling, all of which will be rejected. A selling price is attributed to each item depending on sellability, and rejected items are either sent off to charity or you can buy into a feature where they get shipped back to you. 


This is my account showing the pieces they accepted, what sold and the amount they'll pay me upfront.

In my account, I see the list of my clothes that they’ve accepted. thredUP photographed each one and even put a few on a mannequin for better display. Then the images are uploaded onto their website to be sold. The price of each item is based on season, brand, condition and style. Then thredUP pays me upfront on these prices. I’m getting $56.73!


For any of my items listed under $59.99, I can earn between 10%-40% of the selling price. 



Here’s one of my pieces, a Kickee onesie that sold.



This Theory dress is still up for grabs on their site to be sold. 

$56.73 may not be a lot of money but 1) I got rid of clothes I don’t need and it feels great to clean out, 2) I didn’t have to do any work like taking pics, uploading, monitoring, selling a piece, packing it, shipping it. What a relief! 

Thank you thredUP!




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