March 13, 2015

Loose Easy Braid



No, this isn’t Zoe and I!  This is from Casey Leigh Wiegand, who I follow on Instagram.  Her images are pretty dreamy.  They really have a sense of calm.  She had been playing around with different kinds of braids and posted this and this one on Instagram.

If I ever had long enough hair, this is how I would do my braid.  It’s messy, not fussy and looks deceptively easy to do.  Thank you, Casey Leigh Wiegand!

  • 1. Part hair down one side. 
  • 2. Run a braid from the top of your head down to the top of your ear.
  • 3. Fasten with bobby pins.
  • 4. Skip down 5-6 inches and begin braiding again.
  • 5. Fasten with a rubber band.

Photo from caseyleighwiegand


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Very chic and casual at the same time.

Better than a ponytail but it does mean waking up just 10 minutes earlier.

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