February 15, 2015

Oh, Backpack


People used to say to me, “Don’t you remember last winter (2013)? It was one of the worse winters we’ve had.”  As hard as I try, I don’t remember.  That’s because I was never forced to step out in inclement weather with my 1.5 year old.  Both of us shielded from the cold and snow entertaining ourselves at home. 

Fast forward to a 2.5 year old who now goes to preschool.  She and I now move among the daily commuters heading to school and work.  She sits in her UPPAbaby stroller, so I can walk at a brisk pace before descending into the subway.  The weather has turned colder, so I purchased Manitoba’s universal rain and wind stroller cover.  It’s a lifesaver, and we call it the “rocketship” so she’ll be excited to crawl in.  More on this cover in another post.  Winter is here, and naturally one anticipates snow.  Here’s my dilemma: I’ve never had to push a stroller in snow before.  Will my UPPAbaby or City Mini go through snow or will she need to walk to school?

I decided that if we’re both walking in one or more feet of snow among fast-moving cars, I need to have both hands free and be as unencumbered by totes and handbags as possible.  I have begun looking into backpacks.  If you’ve read my past post on the subject, you know I have an uneasy relationship with backpacks.  They’re not quite my style yet they are truly functional allowing you to move about freely without the bag-lady chaos or purses falling off shoulders.  

As I searched and scrolled around, I began collecting some that I liked onto a Pinterest board.  My backpack identity is zero, so I wanted to rummage around and figure out what I was most attracted to.  I began to notice a common theme emerge: structural, compact and somewhat tight to the body.  Let’s see what I end up with!

1 Francesco Biasia’s Paradise 2 Yellow flip lock backpack 3 Francesco Biasia’s Miss Sarajevo 4 Freda backpack 5 Sylvie backpack 6 Kelsi Dagger Metro



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Love your choices.

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