February 5, 2015

Hello? Hi there!


Hello?  Hi there!  It’s been a long while, and I’ve so, so missed writing.  I hadn’t had the time to focus on writing, since my last post on September 11.  After some time freelancing, I landed a fantabulous role as the design editor at This Old House magazine.  It’s been a revitalizing and exciting move for me.  I love working on renovation projects, as well as missions, such as our new website dedicated to millennials titled, The Snug.  

So, what has been happening on the life front since my last post?  Here are a few visuals:


Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream - pastry chef opens up his own eggless ice cream shop with flavors like Vietnamese Coffee, Brazilian Bourbon and Durian Banana.



Zoe’s first pumpkin and apple picking excursion at Wilkens



Hiking in Mohonk where we gathered boughs and found baby pinecones.  Before the winter, I bought Zoe a Hawke & Co winter coat.  In the beginning, she would yelp out of nowhere at odd times.  The reason remained a complete mystery to me until I took off the coat, and she looked like a plucked chicken.  She was yelping because the quills were poking her.  Those quill tips are sharp!  This coat shed like this every time we took it off.  A couple coming out of the coat makes sense but 20?  Needless to say, I'm unhappy with this little torture chamber. 





In December, we photographed Kimberlee Paige Hanson’s kitchen for the July issue.  A gorgeous bowl of compost was sitting there when we arrived, and we begged Kimberlee not to toss it; Kimberlee’s weimaraner, Nutmeg asking for attention; a collection of utensils scored at flea markets; and I inadvertently made our stylist, Jennifer Vreeland work on her birthday.



Christmas tree shopping in Florida with a spontaneous frolic in the beach sand


Posted these Chie Mihara Mallard shoes on Ebay


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TISL - I am SO HAPPY for you with your new position at THIS OLD HOUSE. My husband and I live in big house in Freeport, on Long Island, that was built in 1860. We've been there for over 29 years and it's about as done as we are going to get it! For MANY years TOH was our house renovation bible, and we still talk about the "mushroom effect" that can happen in an old house when you go to change a light bulb! -- We let our subscription lapse a few years ago, and my husband said just last month that we needed to renew it ... because as we begin to look to the time when we will no longer be the stewards of this property, it will be a good resource when we get ready to market it. -- All good things to you and your family, and I look forward to seeing you go by on my computer screen for years to come. -- And if you ever need an old house to use as an example or setting for a story, let me know! -- peace, dc (Donna Ceravolo)

Hi Donna,
What a thrill to hear how you and your husband are TOH fans. I'm so honored and reinvigorated to be part of this team. You agree with me, as you clearly love your home with all its charm and tribulations! Well, let's see what adventures we come across, shall we?


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