May 5, 2014

Today's dilemma: Birkenstock or not


Hmm, I already have my opinion for this one but I thought it would be interesting to explore.  Apparently, last year big designers like Prada and Marc Jacobs bought into the anti-fashion shoe.  This year, J. Crew models don them in their “Style Guide;” a noted editor-in-chief for a young fashion mag sings their praises in her personal and professional life; and one of my good friends rocks a silver pair with an eggplant-painted pedicure.  

Do you hear a “but” coming?  But, I just don’t understand them.  If people are wearing them just to be trendy, then they’re taking fashion waaaaay too seriously because they are not cute.  If it’s because the summer’s scorching hot and it’s easier than tying a shoe, then I can relate, although not enough to acquiesce.  It might be because I live in New York.  I have this urban instinct to protect my feet.  I never wear flip-flops in the streets either.  I can’t walk or dodge fast enough in any open shoe, and only a finger’s width of rubber separates me from the very dirty sidewalks of NYC.  

I know, summers are sweltering, and covering up is hardly festive for the season but I’m resolute to putting a sock and sneaker on.  A small and pretty walking sneaker, not the massive athletic ones.  For the past 15 years, I’ve continually found my favorites at Puma.  I’ve had to buy a new pair this year because I threw my current pair into the dryer, and they shrunk a titch.  I ended up buying these.  They look clunky but they weigh about the total of two $.25 coins with the uppers made of some material similar to a very noisy windbreaker.  I digress.

Perhaps you think my Pumas are ugly, and I shouldn’t be commenting on the Birkenstock.  For me, they’re a little too flat-footed and make my foot look an extra size bigger but I do leave you with some very pretty images of Birkenstock-wearing folk.  So, you see, I appreciate but do not partake!  What do you think about the Birks as fashion?   

{Photo credits: left column/ Rawkiss, Dusty Pickup, Vogue Paris 2013, Nordstrom, Brooke's Landfill. Right column/ Nordhaven, Celine via Interview magazine Dec 2012/Jan 2013, Glamour Denmark, The Face July 1990 by Corinne Day, Free People}


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Ohh, but they are soooo comfortable. I feel like I'm wearing nothing at all! Try it!

I agree they aren't on the top of the design lust list but in the summers I succumb and am just shy of stripping down to bare minimum.

Not a fan. At all.

They remind of duck feet or boats. Huge and bulky. No thank you.

They can look pretty if you have pretty feet and a great pedi!

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