May 9, 2014

Hello Friday...Bits 'n Bobs


The most popular baby girl name beginning with the letter ‘B’ is Brooklyn.  It is the most popular in almost every state in the U.S. except for New York.  There are more girls named Brooklyn in Montana than in the borough of Brooklyn.  This map shows how the name blankets the country.  Some interesting trivia for today.  And some Bits ‘n Bobs for your weekend!

{ } An exhibit of colored wedding dresses at The Victoria & Albert Museum.

{ } Overcoming fear of public speaking.

{ } Wish I was spending all my money here in a few weeks.

{ } These shoes would satisfy my fantasies of being a dancer. 

{ } I need to practice making these pom poms.


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I wish I was in London to see this wedding gown show. My dress was a dark grey and never a day of regret. By the way, I just started following you on Pinterest!!

I abhorrrrr public speaking. Ever experience vertigo just as you're about to be announced? That's me.

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