May 2, 2014

Hello Friday...Bits 'n Bobs


Happy friday!  My in-laws spent a week with us and to visit Zoe.  They watched her all week, and I was free to do whatever I pleased.  I was a free bird to hit all the places where a toddler does not wish to be patient and quiet.  Before they arrived, I had all these grand plans to traipse around the city, not to mention sit home and hunker down with my computer sending out reams of completed work.  

Here's the thing about suddenly having a "free" week and fantasizing about it.  It doesn't really happen according to plan.  Sure, I got to go out for a handful of hours at a time, and I enjoyed two spontaneous evenings out with David but prepping someone else to care for your child takes a lot of time.  Naturally, grandma and auntie, who only get to see Zoe every six months loved every minute of it and vice versa.  In the beginning, I did end up sticking around for feedings {I know the tell-tale clues when a plate full of food is about to get dumped on the floor}, making her fresh smoothies and putting her down for naps. After leaving a long list of behavior that Zoe might or might not exhibit, I finally left the house.  

Shopping alone was such a luxury.  Check out my new jeans, above from All Saints with the high shine coating.  It gives the illusion of leather for a much lower price.  I hit two more shops, and then the guilt settled in, and I wondered if my mother-in-law thought I was a bad mother for abandoning such a sweet baby for hours on end?  I received no dirty looks when I arrived home, and I happily embarked on another excursion the very next day!  Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy these Bits 'n Bobs.

{ } The love story of how Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier met.

{ } Saw this documentary of what it’s like to put on a ballet.

{ } This coconut coffee shake sounds good at 4pm. 

{ } Pretty mommy blog but is it ok that it just irks me a little?

{ } I’ve always wanted a striking clear plastic umbrella.


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That's the way it is. when I suddenly have too much free time, I never know what to do first.

HELLO! Welcome back to the virtual world! You're opening bit was so funny. Thank goodness for grandmas and aunties, right?

OK! I was wondering where you disappeared to. And seriously, that mommy blog is a little insulting to the rest of us. If I had nannies and housekeepers and a million dollars, I might glow too. Ugh.

First, thanks for coming back. Second, why would you give exposure to this mommy blog? It's not inspiring or aspirational. Parenting isn't about a styled shot in filtered light. They should shoot the full-time nanny taking care of their kids while they're out lunching at Balthazar. Do I sound mad? LOL.

Congrats on your free week!

Cute post! I'm always a fan of your Bits and Bobs column.

I'm not as offended as other readers from their responses to The Glow It's nothing my world looks like but it's nice to see how the other half live with their kids.

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