April 14, 2014

DXV by American Standard




You’ve heard of American Standard.  When I received an invitation to their new Manhattan showroom introducing their DXV line, it sounded like an event I should not miss.  I found out what their big news was: DXV represents American Standard’s new luxury kitchen and bathroom line, and pulls from their storied past.  I call it, “American Standard’s greatest hits."  Of course, modified with fresh silhouettes and details.  By the way, DXV, stands for Decade 15, as in they’ve been in business for 150 years.

There’s a reason why I salivate over beautiful kitchen and bath design.  How often do you get to choose a new fixture, sink or bathtub?  Certainly not on a regular basis.  It’s not that kind of disposable product.  It’s meant to last through the times, and because of that, it’s a special occasion when the opportunity presents itself.  Also, I never underestimate the pure joy of loving your bathroom or kitchen.  It makes my day, everyday.  Check out more on DXV!

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I'll take one of each.

These look pretty hi end but one thing I think of with American Standard is that it's still attainable.

LOVE the design!

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