March 12, 2014

A Stroll to South Street Seaport










Walking along the East River underneath the highway underpass is a favorite weekend activity when the weather is nice.  The Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges are spectacular so close up.  Head downtown, and the road leads you to the South Street Seaport, which is currently closed for a major revitalization.  In addition to the usual bustling of the Seaport, this particular area located in the Financial District has boutique restaurants, and wine and coffee shops.  This neighborhood has also been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, and reconstruction continues.  One restaurant reopened under a new name and less one co-owner serving Italian food under the name, Barbalu.  Here’s the menu.  Some of my favorite design details included the horizontal gray driftwood, the skylights, spigots fashioned into light fixtures and nail spikes turned into coat hooks.  



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This path sounds lovely, and so New York!

Barbalu looks beautiful. It's been so many months later, and I can't believe we still have Sandy problems.

I will definitely check out Barbalu now that I know it's heartening backstory. Thank you for posting this!!

South Street is so quaint with the "small town" kind of feel. Sounds like I need to make a trip to visit Barbalu on my next visit.

Wow. What a beautiful place and amazing recovery story! Will sure come by soon

Well, I never go below 14th Street LOL! but I would be super happy to support downtown Manhattan. Barbalu has a very nice menu.

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