March 17, 2014

Nikki Berry: Baking in Brooklyn


I met Nikki Berry on Instagram.  It’s still a phenomenon to me how we become entwined with other people’s lives, who we may never have met or where our day-to-day never allows our paths to cross, and yet, we are so familiar with their lives.  

Three things stood out for me with Nikki: first, her daughter is a ballerina, and I personally find the inside-the-life of a ballerina fascinating to follow; second, her baked goods look like they came off a machine assembly line, which they did not because she hand bakes them herself.  There’s something so realistic and surreal about Nikki’s work, and it has this vibrant 3-D quality to them.  



Take her silhouette cookies, for instance, I want to hang it on my wall {I’m not joking}, and the nutcracker dress looks ready to dress a doll.  It was the third reason, which I found so admirable that I needed to dig a little deeper.

TISLstyle: You started out as an interior designer and then became a baker connoisseur.  Do tell! 

Nikki Berry: I will always consider myself an interior designer.  I worked hard for the degree and board certification!  It's one of those professions that you don't have to be active in to still be a part of.  At this point in my life I just don't fit the standard office hours that interior design requires but I can bake all night long and that's pretty much what I do.  

TISLstyle: How did you begin?

Nikki: I put my interior design career on hold four years ago, when I had my second child, and we decided that our family life functioned better if I stayed home for a while.  Making beautiful cakes and parties for my daughter and friends had already been a passion by then but now I had a little more time to be better at it, so they took the place of my design projects.

TISLstyle: How did you get from 'just ok' to 'pretty fantastic?'

Nikki: In the beginning, I really only had a handful of magazines and a few pioneer baking sites to refer too for advice and inspiration.  Then all of a sudden after years of being okay at covering fondant cakes, I finally watched enough tutorials, and read enough tips to figure out how to be really good at it.  I had never even tried to make royal icing-decorated cookies until two years ago, then one day I just decided I'm going to master this.

So, the old adage, 'Hard work and perseverance pays off' comes true!  Check out Nikki’s yummy baked goods on her blog, Nikkiikkin, as well as her shop on Etsy.



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the creative process has also been so cool to follow from scribble to product. Beautiful work.

Yes! It's as if they'll come to life any second. I'm not sure I could eat any of them, they're like art.

Her blog is great! Thanks for posting about Nikki's designs. Good to know.

I love her story. Such a good read.

TISLstyle, I don't always have time to read blogs but whenever I come to your blog, I'm welcomed with stories like this one. I loved how you wrote the piece, her business story and now I have a new cookie/cake source. Good work and thank you!

Her designs are so happy. They would put a smile on many faces. And very life like!

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