December 17, 2013

Flower Girl


Some times you walk into a space, and it’s not at all what it presents itself as.  This was Flower Girl for me.  Sitting modestly on a quiet street on the Lower East Side, most establishments selling flora will display bunches behind large refrigerator doors.  

When you step into owner, Denise Porcaro's shop, you walk into a botanical greenhouse with a feel of a cozy living room.  There’s no enter-and-dash here, and you soon find yourself perusing every nook but only because each nook has something sweet to study.  So, you mingle…with the glass jar terrariums, the succulents planted in pieces of driftwood {which guys seem to love, by the way} or relaxing on the chairs outside next to the mason jars filled with posies for sale. 

No matter what day or season you find yourself at Flower Girl, you’ll only find what nature offers that moment.  Nature dictates, nature is fleeting, and Flower Girl represents it so very well.  We chat with Denise. 

TISLstyle: How does having flowers in the home affect a person emotionally or physically?

Flower Girl: I think that it is very important to surround yourself with the things that make you happy.  If it is flowers, as it is for most people I think their beauty, freshness, aroma, and the fact that they are only in that vase for a short time reminds you to enjoy them while you are fortunate enough to have them around.




TISLstyle: What is your personal decorating style?

Flower Girl: I like a mix of different things from found items to luxe specialties.  It really depends on what area I am decorating but I truly feel that all you need are a few good staples, for whatever that particular room calls for.  Once you find the basics - and I tend to do these items in neutrals - all the other stuff can come together over time.  They can change when you want it to based on some place you may have traveled or perhaps a color that you are taken by.



TISLstyle: Flower Girl is very spare, yet there's so much to look at!  What were your thoughts when you were pulling your shop together?

Flower Girl: I wanted the space to be clean and simple with rustic touches.  It is a blank canvas for the seasons as the flowers are constantly changing on our shelves, and I wanted everything to flow and always work in the space.  The shop is retail, as well as a workspace, so it had to be able to function as both.  It also needed to welcome people in for bridal shower parties, and for the monthly classes that we host!



TISLstyle: You are well-known for the monthly classes you hold in your shop.  What do you hope people will take away from them?

Flower Girl: We adore it when people are interested in joining our classes.  It’s in a casual setting, and our students come to us whether they have experience in florals or just for fun.  Because of our series packages, our students return, and we can see how they’ve gained the skills and the confidence to make arrangements for themselves in their own unique style.  On a selfish note, however I love the opportunity to meet and interact with them. They make it fun for me, and each creation is always different - a representation of each personality.  I love seeing it come to fruition, while chatting over Prosecco!  

Click here for more on Flower Girl in NYC's Lower East Side.



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Super sweet flower shoppe! I love the rustic look in NYC no less.

Love the posies for sale and refills as if you had your own backyard garden and had it refilled with fresh flowers. It's such a pretty thought.

What? Posy refills? Awesome idea!

<3 <3 love the warm vibe. And love your pics by the way!!! :)

Oooh, I love the crafty pinecone glitter shot! It's giving me some good ideas. Thanks lady!!

If I had a shop--THIS would be it!!!

I just love your images. what a secret treasure. I'd live next door anyday.

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