December 5, 2013

Elli Popp's London Apartment


Who: Katja Behre, designer at Elli Popp

Where: Brixton, London

What: 1st & 2nd floors of a Victorian terrace house

Why: Katja loved the warm, inviting and comfortable aesthetic the moment she stepped into the flat.  It has great light, is spacious, and has potential for turning the attic into a balcony or roof terrace.  Located on a quiet one-way road, she's just a two minute walk from the buzzing streets of Brixton.




TISLstyle: How did you approach the decorating when you moved into this apartment?

Katja: It is much more spacious than my previous one.  I brought a lot of my family's furniture, paintings, drawings and lamps from Germany.  Some spots in the flat take months to get their final touch.  It can be in the middle of the night that something makes sense to me to be placed somewhere specific.  I do take my time to digest and feel the space and how I want it to look rather than rushing it.




TISLstyle: Your three new patterns in the "Fabry Pérot" collection has a time and weather worn feel.  It's very distinct from your previous ones.  

Katja: When I was creating these designs, I was reflecting about the light and dark side of life.  Then, I usually see what inspires me when I go through my archive of images.  All three designs have the same 'weather worn feel' which was created through pictures taken of walls in New York.  I've always liked the 'old and worn' feel of walls, wood, metal, and decided to combine it with other elements like peacocks, winter trees, birds and ladies.  A vintage picture from the turn of the century - a 3D double exposure photo with an angel and soldier was particularly influential.




TISLstyle: I love how you place and group objects on the walls.  How do you go about arranging them?

Katja: It all happens bit by bit.  Bringing home pieces from car boot sales or vintage shops.  Even visiting my family in Germany means finding new beauties, which then slowly find their way to my flat.  It can take months or seconds to decide what I put where.  I base my decisions on my instinct and gut feeling as well as aesthetic aspects.




TISLstyle: The scarves and kimonos are new.  What do you love about kimonos?

Katja: I have always been influenced by Japanese art and culture, and their way of using colours, details, fabrics and fashion.  A friend and costume designer, Joanna Beart-Albrecht and I collaborated on this project.  It was the perfect combination of fashion and surface design, and fit into a wide range of life settings.  This contemporary kimono can be worn for a glamorous night out, a casual meet-up with friends or just leisurely at home.

Check out Elli Popp's collection of illustrated birds on bone china and wallpaper. 


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This is absolutely divine! I noticed you wrote about the bird drawings fro Elli Popp this week too. I loved that post too.

Her walls are so inspiring. I never know what to do with my empty wall space but I think wall hangings like Katja is like art.

Hey there! A prego woman in a kimono!! Wasn't expecting that but its super edgy. Love the apartment. It's very warm and homey.

Elli's kimonos and scarves are so sexy. I never thought of kimono as street fashion but I can see it with crop jeans or motorcycle boots and leggings.

Well done! Elli Popp is a new discovery, yay! Her walls are unreal.

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