December 11, 2013

Bikes for Tykes at Heritage Littles





I’d seen these wooden balance bikes in the streets of New York for many years.  They seemed very Scandinavian in design, and a far cry from the plastic toys in everlasting primary colors.  I love their sleek shape, simple silhouette and wood material.

I had heard that Heritage Bicycles in Chicago opened up a shop for toddlers called Heritage Littles.  And there they were, the balance bikes I was so fond of!  They also have other items toddlers would love, such as a burlap teepee and a bike helmet fashioned as a baseball cap.  Instead of a coffee bar, as most adults appreciate while shopping, Heritage Littles offers a milk-and-cookies bar.

Definitely on my “To Visit” list when I’m next in Chicago!

{Photo credits: via Heritage Littles; milk & cookie bar via Bleubird Vintage; Littles sign via Heritage Littles}


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I'm in love with the Little's signage. Most def on my next Chicago visit.

I've heard of Little's. Their quality is pretty nice.

I love these sleek little riders too. this is a great gift idea. What toddler wouldn't love these?

Beautiful silhouettes!

I had always thought they were Swedish products because they look so pure in design. Nice piece.

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