December 9, 2013

Advent calendars


I didn’t have Advent calendars during my childhood but I love how creative making one allows you to be.  The calendar is used to count down the days in anticipation to Christmas.  So, whether you’re counting 24 days or 30 days before, some kind of window or packet gets opened to reveal a poem, image or small gift.  Look at how elaborate or simple they can be.  

{Above} An empty wall becomes an instantly festive calendar with white paper bags hung with colored tape.  Chipboard numbers can be found at your local craft or party supply store.



{ } This forest of paper cones is not only simple to make but becomes a great display as a tabletop centerpiece or on a mantle with your gifts hidden under each.  Click here for directions and cone templates. { } I absolutely love this charming makeshift tree branch with wrapped packages tied to it.  A hiking trip or your backyard should find you a selection of good sturdy branches.  Mix the numbered gifts up, and make it a fun “seek ‘n find” game each night.


If you want to save time, this handmade Advent calendar set from Etsy comes with everything you need: assortment of 25 miniature envelopes, baker’s twine and 25 tiny clothespins. 


Do you know what makes up this calendar?  Twenty-four rolls of toilet paper!  I love the idea of punching through the paper to reveal the gift.  Click here for the complete how-to.  By the way, Erlend, who runs this DIY blog must dream in DIY technicolor.  Very talented and industrious!


Construct your own village as an Advent calendar, and then use them as a toy play set after the holidays.  Click here to download and print out the houses in your choice of color or black and white. 


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I just printed out the toy play set, and have to put it together but super super excited! thanks for the post, one less thing on my list.

very nice post. luv the tree branch idea

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