August 21, 2013

Today's dilemma: backpacks


I’m a fan of backpacks.  When I was in grade school, I had the canvas ones in army green, and in college I carried a backpack that was h e a v y when empty but served me so well. 

Haven’t picked one up since then, which is a shame because they are the most functional bags out there.  If well-designed, the weight is distributed evenly, stay put on the shoulders and keep your hands free.  However, I’m weary of wearing all of my possessions behind me, it doesn’t allow for easy and quick access, and the ubiquitous bulky design isn’t my style.  Shapes that are rectangular with more of a briefcase look like the one pictured above, seem to be on trend.  What do you think of backpacks?

{Photo via Stockholm Streetstyle}


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I can wear one if I don't look like a teenager.

Nix! It makes me feel like a kid.

I am NOT a fan of backpacks. They are bulky, ugly and have you ever been knocked over by someone wearing one?

Fan but not of the canvas Jansport type ones.

No, its such a juvenile look.

I think they are great when you are traveling. However, I have heard about savvy travelers who have lost their wallets, etc. when using a backpack. As a result, I don't feel comfortable wearing
one unless I have in on backwards. I also agree that they are inconvenient because access to your belongings is not easy.

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