August 16, 2012

DIY Crafts: Rubber Stamping









The good thing about being creative is that the only rules you need to follow are the ones you make up.  It isn’t completely obvious how versatile a rubber stamp and its ink pad can be but graphic designer Tara Hogan of INK + WIT has an uncanny knack for giving stamping a certain elegance and craftsmanship. 

So much so, I asked Tara to demonstrate some interesting ways to play with these delicate cut-outs she designed.  Personalize plain stationery, greeting cards, business cards or kraft paper as gift packaging.  Taking advantage of some white space, Tara played around with stamping pages from an Anthropologie catalog.  This makes an instant and unique gift wrap perfect for a small present.  In another example, she fashioned a bookplate to personalize any library, as well as experimented on tracing paper for its texture and translucency.   

Enter INK + WIT's website for the whole line of stamps with which to express yourself.  TISLstyle readers can use code INKWITtisl to receive 2 free misc letterpress notecards with each order.  I give INK + WIT my stamp of approval!


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These are so good looking. I never thought of stamping this way. Nice post!

I guess it's time to dust off my scrapbooking skills. The different colors are great.

I love the way she made the stamping into a pattern. Way better than most wrapping paper. Good idea.

The doggies are adorable!

Wow, stamping looks so cool!

I love that she used a catalog. What an awesome idea.


The detailing is really sweet. I've never stamped but it looks pretty cool.

Not your mother's scrapbooking!

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