May 10, 2012

Tips: Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Kinfolk is a blog that I would love to share with you.  It celebrates the joy of eating: whether solo, with two people or a large group of friends.  Kinfolk encourages the meeting of face-to-face, the gathering, the food, and being together alfresco or indoors.  This particular post from their blog describes a group of 17 aspiring photographers, who after a day at a workshop decided to all have a meal together instead of splintering off among themselves.  During the meal, acquaintances became friends emphasizing that coming together over a meal fosters good times.

If you love the idea of welcoming friends and family to an outdoor space at your home, here are some tips on how to set it up:

Seating Your Guests:  If you don’t have outdoor furniture, indoor furniture will survive a temporary outing.  A tablecloth can help if you want some protection.  Otherwise, overlapping picnic blankets and outdoor pillows set the scene quite nicely, as well.

Place Settings: There's a wonderful ambience when indoor dishes, utensils and glassware make an appearance in nature.  Guests love the formal in an informal setting.

Lighting: Easier than you think, a string of holiday lights or battery-operated candles do the trick.

Music: Good tunes can instantly break the ice and get the party started.  A radio or your laptop will provide the background sounds any gathering will need.

Food: You may be the host but don’t relegate yourself to the kitchen cooking.  Find easy recipes to put together that don’t require a lot of time commitment.

Last but not least, citronella candles and bug spray will insure pesky bugs don’t ruin the festivities. 

Photos by Lusia Brimble


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