March 19, 2012

Versalette: One Piece, 15 Ways








What happens the day your sweetheart grabs you my the hand, and says, “Baby, I’m whisking you to Paris, and there’s a jet plane waiting.  We’re leaving now!”  What do you grab?  Your Versalette!  Why?  Because it’s the one item that can be worn 15 different ways including a long skirt, short skirt, strapless dress, halter top, poncho, one-shoulder toga-style, purse, scarf, and head scarf.  And I thought wearing my cardigan sweater as a scarf in a pinch was being resourceful.

Made in the U.S.A., the Versalette is 100% recycled fabric, and created with a green environment in mind.  In other words, doing more with less is the fashionable message of the day.


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It really is smarter to have one piece of clothing that does multiple things. Love it!

Oh, I wish they had other colors but this is a fantastic design.

This in on my wish list, terrific idea.

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