June 30, 2011

Mini Pie Recipes

Mini Fig Pie
Brown Sugar-Fresh Fig Pies

Almond Frangipane pie

Almond Frangipane Pies

Mini Chicken potpie
Chicken Potpies

Electric pie maker

Pie maker photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

From mini cupcakes to Starbucks’ Petites, the pendulum is swinging from super-size to mini-size, and I don’t know who to thank first.  I tripped over Mini Pies by Abigail Johnson Dodge at Williams-Sonoma, and I think they’re on to something.  Featured are forty classic recipes of sweet and savory mini pies using an electric mini pie maker.  Hearty meals and desserts are at your fingertips with fillings from cranberry-pear to S’mores to salmon-and-dill.

Multiple servings are prepared at once making it an instant time saver.  Not only are individual courses a great way to measure portion control but I can’t think of a more personal way to treat family and guests than to serve them their very own pie.  To try the Almond Frangipane Pie recipe, go to TISLstyle's Facebook, and find it in the Notes section (if you're not a fan yet, click "Like!").  The cookbook is available at Williams-Sonoma. 

Reprinted with permission from Mini Pies. Recipe by Abigail Johnson Dodge;
photographs by Lauren Burke. Copyright 2011 by Weldon Owen Inc.


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Your photos of these mini pies are just fantastic. I've found mini pie makers to be tricky to use. They use to burn my pies before I discovered this clever tool. Now I bake golden pies almost every time, no more burning. Some of you can get the mini pie tool for free here. I love my pie maker now and have learn how to bake pumpkin pies in it. Something the manual said we couldn't do. Did you know you can use sliced bread for the crust? It works pretty well.

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