October 13, 2010

The Bachelor Pad Grows Up

Before shot

Bachelor Pad after

Bachelor Pad after2
Bachelor Pad after3
“You bring her home. We’ll make sure she stays” is the saucy motto of NYC-based interior design firm, Sexy Bachelor Pad. Designer, Kimberlee Paige Hanson eases an urban male segment into the more tasteful man cave. In her crosshairs are the young men now out of college with business suits in their closets, and a path in the workforce who still live with college futons, beer signs, and cardboard box coffeetables. “Men want to have a comfortable and stylish home as much as women, they just have no in interest in traipsing through furniture stores price-comparing for four months nor do they care about choosing between deep blue or military gray,” says Hanson. More importantly, they understand that a clean home with seating and grown up tabletop is essential if family or friends come over or if they decide to bring home the softer of the two sexes. Her other company motto? “Trust us. You need us.”

Photo: Glenn Race.






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